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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
I saw it Saturday. If you knew little or nothing about Jackie Robinson, you would love this movie. I took a date to see it, and she really liked it. My problem with it is I feel like they only scratched the surface of what he endured, and it only captured his time with the Montreal team and his rookie season in the bigs. He had to deal with that for two years without retaliation, and it probably shortened his career. That said, what pleasantly surprised me was the theater I was at was packed, and the attendees were mostly young white kids. And even if the movie didn't go far enough with the treatment he received, at least you did get a glimpse and feel for it. And i'm glad they touched on his being court martialed while in the army, something i don't think a lot of people know. Definitely worth the price of admission.
I teach seventh grade and a bunch of my students said they saw this movie over the weekend. All of them loved it and, knowing how much of a baseball fan I am, said I have to see it.
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