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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I realize this but alot of Negro League players did resent MLB on the way they chose Robinson and I don't blame them. Robinson was a great player and he turned out to be the perfect player chosen but it's still a slap in the face to players who put their dues in and were passed up because baseball deemed them unworthy. What Jackie Robinson went through was pure hell but at the same time he did relish in his fame and he snubbed his nose at alot of black players who paid alot more dues in the Negro Leagues than Jackie Robinson. I'm not trying to bash Robinson but the movie 42 only showed a part of him that like in 1947 that baseball wants us to see or know about.
Please provide proof that Robinson snubbed his nose at black players. I've never read anything of the sort. And It's not like MLB had a black player draft and only chose Robinson. None of what you are saying makes ANY sense. The MLB didn't choose him. Branch Rickey did. And the way MLB players and fans verbally abused him that first season, it's ridiculous to say that MLB chose him. You say you don't want to bash Jackie, but in a backhanded way, you are. Sounds like you wanted the movie to deliver dirt on him. Sorry you were disappointed.

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