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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
But he's right.

Last year we had solid defense, good pitching, good fundamental play & focus- with a frustrating offense.

This year- our offense sucks, we're towards the bottom on defense, and I've seen more lapses in fundamentals (can't get a bunt down, missing the cut off man, etc .) in 2 weeks than I saw for the entire 1st half in 2012.
We have played 13 games. We have been in every game but one. Our hitters are not getting the hits when they need to. It happens. We could just as easily be 7-6 right now. This site is the most impatient group of dark clouds.

Putting 2007 aside, we have been watching Floyd pitch for 5 years. You think the posters here would figure out that Floyd is inconsistent and streaky. Right now he is dealing with a rough stretch.

Our offense sucks every April. We just need to start hitting with RISP. Simple as that. Playing on the road and in April is not going to help but I don't know if we can expect what we have been given so far (IN 13 GAMES or 8.02% of the season).

Our defense has had some fluky games and Beckham has gotten hurt (not that Beckham's injury has affected our D).

Our bullpen has been great minus Jones and Thornton's bad inning hurts his ERA.

Our starting pitching hasn't been great. Sale had the worst start of his career but does that mean he's not going to be an ace this year? I don't think so. Peavy had one bad start where he looked good for the most part but was left in too long. Floyd has been Floyd. Quintana had one bad inning. Axelrod shouldn't even be in the rotation but he has had one good and one bad start each. If Axelrod sucks again tonight maybe Hector will get the shot he deserves.
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