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Originally Posted by happydude View Post
Its possible that you're correct. However, if this is true it only serves to provide further justification to the selection of Robinson over these other players. The inability, or unwillingness, to derive joy from the successes of others can be a reflection of selfishness or immaturity; the very type of character traits that may have resulted in the type of incident or conduct that the "fist black ballplayer" needed to avoid during the early years of integration.
True but these guys from the Negro Leagues endured alot too and instead of MLB bringing in one of their own, they went with a guy who wasn't in the inner circle of the Negro Leagues. If I was them I would feel angry about that. Jackie Robinson was getting all the accolades and fame while these guys had to be standup guys and give interviews praising Robinson while basiacally being ignored by the general public. I find alot of them just as honorable if not more honorable.
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