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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
Your giving Branch Rickey 100 percent credit for this and thats a totally wrong. I'm just saying MLB because i'm not giving Branch Rickey 100 percent credit for allowing Jackie Robinson into baseball. I know you know that there was alot more going on behind the scenes to give Branch Rickey credit like that. Actually Rickey voted no to keep Robinson out I think in 1946 but Chandler intervined. That movie went a little in making Rickey into some sort of saint. In reality it wasn't realy like that.
I don't think I've made Rickey into a saint at all. The bottom line is, Rickey probably saw more dollars at the gate, black people spending their money, to watch blacks play baseball. And I've never said Rickey was 100% responsible for Robinson breaking the color barrier. I'm giving Ricky credit for the player chosen to integrate the league. You seem to be giving MLB the credit. And you said Rickey voted to keep Robinson out in '46? He signed Robinson to a minor league contract in '45. Why would he then vote to keep him out in '46? That makes absolutely no sense. Do you have proof? You keep making these outlandish statements, but have nothing to back them up.
Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I can try and find some sort proof on the snubbing deal but when I did searches nothing came up. You'd have to read books about the Negro Leagues.
So you have no proof then. You make the statement, but want me to prove it for you. Yeah...ok.

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