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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
Given the uncertain status of John Danks and the inconsistent performance of Gavin Floyd, I think that they may need to do just that. Hector Santiago is a good internal option and perhaps the Sox could give him some starts and see how it goes.

Another possibility is Ted Lilly. The Dodgers and Lilly appear to be at a contentious impasse and perhaps the Dodgers are anxious to move him soon. Lilly has made two rehab starts and as was his right, Lilly initially refused to make a third. He recently changed his mind and will make another rehab start tomorrow. I do suspect that the Dodgers want to end this controversy and, to do that, they are going to have to deal him.

The situation reminds me of the Kevin Youkilis fiasco last year in Boston and perhaps the Sox may once again be the beneficiary of a team anxious to move an unhappy veteran who still has something left in the tank.
Please, no, don't trade what few young players we have for veteran stiffs. We need to leave that approach far, far behind. Our starting pitching has been good anyway.
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