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Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
Axelrod fits his role right now as the #5 starter. The problem is is that Gavin, at this point, isn't a #3. If his curveball is working, he's a legitimate #3. If it's not, the rest of his stuff isn't good enough not to get hammered the third time, or occasionally the second time, through a lineup.
His problem isn't his curve, it's his location on all of his pitches. He gets ahead of guys in the count, then he nibbles at the strike zone for strike three, but can never put the ball where he wants it to go, and ends up throwing a ton of pitches in the process. As a result of that, by the time a hitter's gotten to his third at bat, he's already seen everything Gavin has in his arsenal, and Gavin's likely gassed.
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