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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The Sox did so many good things on offense tonight that it's easy to overlook how well Quintana pitched. I think the Jays only got one runner in scoring position with less than two outs, and he didn't break down in the two-out situations. Quintana basically shut the Jays down three times through the order. Fortunately, the Sox scored early and added runs to put the game out of reach by the time the bullpen was needed.

On one hand, most of the runs were driven in by home runs. But the first home run would have driven in two runs with two outs even if the ballpark had held it. Scoring three run after the first two hitters are retired was huge. Scoring on two sacrifice flies in the seventh to extend a lead after six is how you win ballgames.

A good night for Flowers with a couple of hits and Ramirez with a couple of hits and Viciedo with a couple of hits. A great night for Quintana.

Not so much for Colby Rasmus
I see what you did there.
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