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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Chandler didn't block Rickey's signings of black players as Landis would have. But it wasn't as if Chandler approached Rickey and said it was time he started signing black players. Chandler's cooperation was more of a vacuum where well-document resistance had been under Landis. It should not diminish Rickey's contributions to history.

Monte Irvin was in San Francisco last summer and said he told Rickey he was not in good enough shape to play major league baseball. I didn't get the impression he believed he was shafted.
I don't think Branch Rickey's contributions should be diminised but I brought up Rickey and Chandler because the movie 42 kind of portrayed Chandler as a misguided commisioner.I just didn't think it was right that Rickey usually gets 100 percent credit for the Robinson signing. I know he played a big part in getting Robinson signed but that movie really made it look like Rickey was the only one. I understand the movie really can't go into full detail without boring half the audience or prolonging it into a 4 hour movie though. I've stated already I like the movie but I was personally hoping for more.

Like I said before, I have no reason to believe otherwise on what you say about Monte Irvin. I have my opinions and others have they'rs and I respect that.
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