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This is what has driven me crazy since this started to become an issue in 2001. Typical Sox performance...score seven runs one night, look good hitting the ball...24 hours later, they look totally impotent. Measly four hits. Make two more errors to boot and lose.

They just can't seem to find any consistency. Guess that comes with the territory when it's basically 'home run or nothing...'

4-5-6 hitters in the lineup now batting .241, .105, .229

Dunn looks even worse right now than he did in 2011 if that's possible.

Eight more strikeouts...only one walk.

Maybe they'll hit better at home, guess we should be grateful they got three wins on the road trip...could have been worse I guess.

Regarding Dayan, if he's out for any period of time (third Sox player to possibly go on the DL and this season is less than a month old...) that means his "replacements" in the lineup are either Wise or Jordan Danks. Nice having a quality bench isn't it?

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