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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Sale deserved better
I thought the Sox needed more from him tonight. The two-run inning was killer, and he set it up with two mistakes that didn't involved giving up a hit. Hold the Blue Jays to the run in the first, and the Sox woul have had a good chance in the game.

I hate knuckleballers. They can mess up your timing, sometimes after the game. Back in the day when Forster and Gossage were coming in to relieve Wilbur Wood, they could be even more dominant. At the same time, since Wood took a Ron LeFlore line drive off of his knee, I hated seeing knuckleballers pitch for the Sox because they might come out with nothing. And in close games, it only takes one pitch not knuckling to ruin the game. Mistakes tonight failed to keep the game close enough.

I was a bit surprised with the Blue Jays running game tonight. They seemed much more aggressive with Sale pitching than they were earlier in the week, although the opportunities weren't there with Quintana pitching. I expected the Sox to do some running tonight, but they really didn't have a chance. Nice to see a two-out, two-strike RBI double out of Flowers, though.

I also have to wonder why Dunn is playing so much first. Tonight it isn't such a trivial question. It has crossed my mind that the White Sox are might be showcasing him for a trade, there being few teams that would be in the market for a DH. If that's the case, though, it isn't helping anyone.
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