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Originally Posted by BigHurt3515 View Post
Really hope Danks starts and not Wise for however long Viciedo is out fo
What difference does it make? Danks and Wise are both nothing more than spare parts. Neither is capable of playing every day at this level.

A few other things from tonight:

1. Farmer mentioned that Konerko is nursing a bad back. That's why Dunn has been getting all the starts at 1B. Paulie hit .324 with three HRs on the trip. He was one of the few bright spots. Anything and everything to keep Konerko healthy. He can still hit. And there aren't many on this roster who can.

2. I wish people would lay off Keppinger. I'm sure he'll hear boos on the upcoming homestand, but people have to understand 16 games does not a season make. There's a lot of games left, and I suspect he'll get back to his career norms. I'm sure I'll also be flamed for that statement, as board decorum demands that we be cynical, hateful and angry at all times.

3. I don't have any problem with people who bash Dunn at this point. It's too pathetic for words right now. There's decline, and then there's falling off a cliff. His performance is inexcusable.
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