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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
We'll that's assuming they play tonight. It's about 38 degrees right now according to the weather site plus flurries. Only going to get worse this evening. PERFECT BASEBALL WEATHER!

You have 2 major league teams in Chicago. You pretty much have a homestand in progress in Chicago throughout the baseball season. Except for off days, there is generally a game. The exceptions are few. The White Sox in particular do not want to play when the Cubs are playing eight miles away although the Cubs in recent years haven't seemed to care.

If you're a Chicago baseball team, you're going to have home games in terrible weather. It's part of our heritage as Chicago baseball fans. I know I'm proud to have attended a tie game in the 1970s that was called because of snow in the 10th.

But I don't know what you expect baseball to do about it. The fact is, most of baseball would solve the problem by removing the White Sox from the Chicago equation.
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