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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I-24 runs through Nashville and involves a bit of Illinois and Kentucky, and into Georgia. I-44 cuts diagonally across Missouri and is one of the interstates that follows the old heavily traveled U.S. 66 route. Neither existed in the 1940s. The Interstate system was an Eisenhower project begun in the 1950s. When my family was moving from the Chicago area to Dallas at the end of 1964, I-44 wasn't finished yet. I remember my father exclaiming in frustration that they call the good roads 44 nd the bad road 66.

Yes, that would have been a screw up, like having modern-style football goalposts in movies set in the 1960s.
Or that horrible baseball movie "Rookie of the Year" with the kid who gets surgery on his arm and then pitches for Gary Busey and the Chicago Cubs.

I remember one scene where a left handed batter clearly pulls a pitched ball and the next shot is the 3rd baseman diving for the ball down the left field line.
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