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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
This is largely a function of the two historically high-OBP players on the roster (Dunn and Keppinger) and one expected to walk a lot (Flowers) failing to walk.
Keppinger is not a historically high OBP ballplayer. It's okay, but nothing special. He had a career year last year.
Dunn hasn't had a good obp since before he joined the Sox.
I don't think we stacked up that well to start with, and now we're obviously off the charts bad.

Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
All right, so now we're up to 3/4 of the infield and I'm going to assume Keppinger, over 162 games and not 16, will play better than Escobar. So we've established he's no more than a utility infielder on this roster, as well. Super duper.

This is as ridiculous as the people who think the Sox should be bringing back Brent Lillibridge. What is it about people getting attached to bad players?
I started off by saying he EXCEPT for Konerko and Alexei. It's not that ridiculous
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