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Originally Posted by samurai_sox View Post
This is starting to remind me of '07 when the Sox would call up the likes of Andy Gonzalez, Dewon Day, Jerry Owens, etc.

guys who I had never heard of and didn't expect to do anything at the plate.
Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
A problem that hasnt changed with a system devoid of talent.
Six years removed from that 2007 season and this team has made essentially no progress in improving the talent level in the organization. ....and with no apparent accountability in this failure. The management team that brought us this mess is still here.

But at least our team's slogan is #makeanimpact.

White Sox Baseball
# of teams with a longer playoff drought = 3:
San Diego (2006), Miami (2003), Seattle (2001).....that is all

# of teams with fewer playoff appearances since 1995 = 5:
Kansas City* (2), Toronto* (1), Miami (2), Washington (2), Milwaukee (2)....that is all

# of Sox seasons in the this decade that were arguably dismal failures = 4:
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015

Conclusion: Blame Sox fans for not showing up to enough games

* in the playoffs this year
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