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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
It sounds as though Sveum is just venting some frustration. If the Cubs were going to send down one or both of those guys, wouldn't they just do it and not talk about it?
Oh yeah, Sveum doesn't have the authority to make that kind of roster move anyway.

I just think it's funny. Going into this season the Cubs looked like they had a solid plan in place that was coming along nicely. They had Castro and Rizzo at the Majors, an improving farm system, and the #2 pick overall this upcoming Draft. But we're 17 games into the season and it looks like the wheels have completely come off the wagon; their franchise players in the Show have their heads shoved completely up their ass, their franchise prospect is attacking players with a bat, their pitching is non-existant, their only tradeable assets are either completely terrible (Marmol) or injured (Garza), their manager is probably going to die of an anuerysm before the season is over...

It's not looking great on the North Side.

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