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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
I think this is shaping up to be more like the beginning of 2009 where you know there are obvious holes, but they still get some things right.
I agree. This team will not bottom out like the 2007 bunch. I see the 2009 similarities a lot more. The '09 bunch had solid pitching but holes in the lineup as well as the defense. They struggled to hit most of the year with RISP, climbed themselves back into the division hunt during the summer, but never could get over the hump. They ultimately were sunk by a disaster road trip in early September and finished a few games under .500. This year's Sox team has hit about as poor as you can possibly hit. They are built around HRs and many of these are dying out at the warning track and getting knocked down by the wind. In the last four or five games, I've seen a bunch of Sox hitters take the ball deep to the track only to have the cold and wind knock it down. Things will improve on offense with the weather, but we need big turnarounds by Dunn and Keppinger as well as healthy returns of Beckham, Danks, and Tank if we are to have a shot.
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