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Default An odd find: 1975 Sox TV44 pre-game show

Here's a nice piece of nostalgia:

MediaBurn has posted a complete video of a TV44 White Sox pre-game show from June 17, 1975. Harry Caray interviews GM Roland Hemond about a bunch of trades Hemond made at the deadline two days before. Tony Muser and Stan Bahnsen departed, but Hemond is excited about acquiring minor leaguer "Chester Lemon" from Oakland. Harry also seems to go out of his way to take a shot at Dick Allen for "retiring" from the team in 1974.

This was the notorious year that Harry was paired with J.C. Martin in the booth, and you can hear some awkward interaction as Martin reads the lineups (and misstates the name of the Texas Rangers).

There are a handful of highlights scattered throughout, including a quick clip of Bahnsen's last game against the Yankees, who were playing in Shea Stadium that year while Yankee Stadium was renovated. A lot of low-budget homemade commercials, too.

Unfortunately, the video ends before the game starts. Before it cuts off, you can see a few seconds of the animated opening that TV44 used for years in the 70's.
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