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Terrific find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Already sent the link to Roland and a bunch of guys who were on that club (Jim Katt, Wilbur Wood, Stan Bahnsen, Chet Lemon...)

Just great to see this again.

Regarding Chet at 3rd base, this is from my interview with him:

ML: As I understand it you were a third baseman in the As minor league system yet by 1976, your first full year with the Sox, you had been made into a center fielder. How did that all come about, and is it true that then Sox manager Paul Richards is the guy who suggested the change?

CL: "Paul may have been a part of it but Ill tell you when it first came up about me becoming an outfielder. In late 1975 when I was with the Sox, I was at 3rd base and a ground ball was hit towards the middle. I started running and cut in front of the shortstop and actually wound up around George Orta at second base! (laughing) The very next day I was on the top step of the dugout, it was early in the day since Id always be one of the first guys to show up. Chuck Tanner, the Sox manager, came up, put his arm around my shoulder and said, I can remember this like it was yesterday, son I want you to start taking one hundred fly balls a day because if you stay an infielder youre gonna kill somebody! (laughing)"

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