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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
What the... What? No. What the hell, guys.

Defending Adam Dunn? Proposing the signing of Vlad Guerrero?? Suggesting we bring back Ozzie???

Holy hell. Everybody here is off their rocker. Good lord we need some wins before this fan base goes completely off the deep end.

Nothing is worse than a rainout after a 4 game losing streak - it lets everyone stew just that little bit longer.

Not sure what we can do about Dunn, even during his hot streak, I couldn't see anyone dealing for him due to salary as much as performance.

We're only stuck with him until the end of next season, and if he can get back to his usual level of walks and homers, it would suck but not be the end of the world to keep him. Otherwise the Sox need to eat $25-28M to pay a player not to play for them, which just ain't Jerry's style.

I just don't see what moving guys up and down the order will really accomplish - we have too many poor hitters to hide a guy lower in the order. Having so many "homer or nothing" hitters is an organizational decision.
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