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Originally Posted by Madvora View Post
I don't think it's likely an experiment like this could last longer than a year or even a half a year. It would be interesting to see some team try this once they see things going South in the middle of a season.
In the Sox case, for example, Adam Dunn is truly only playing right now because of money. Most definitely you could trade him for somebody who would hit better than .100. If you didn't care about money at all, some other team would take the chance because Dunn has a big upside and it's all reward with no risk for them. On our side of the trade, we'd instantly have someone in the lineup with increased production. Now working this theory out for multiple players would be interesting and very tough to sustain, but even with one player, this could make a difference.
I'm not trying to be mean, but this makes zero sense. In a hypothetical world where salaries are not relevant, why would I trade for a player who is literally the worst player in MLB and give you a player who is better?

That's how bad Dunn is- you can't even trade him to a pretend team who doesn't have to pay salaries.
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