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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Stick up for me kufram. If they win about 70 games or so I won't fall out of my chair, but I'd like to think that with Beckham and Tank back, and a continuation of solid pitching the season can be salvaged. I have no playoff hopes and it is kind of funny to me that I'm getting laughed at for being "optimistic."
I half agree. The Sox have been absolutely BRUTAL out of the gate, if they're going to be this bad all year, well, then it is what it is. But again, looks like the Central is going to be won by some team that's going to max out in the high 80s for wins again. The vaunted Tigers that were going to win 110 games or whatever are nowhere to be found.

I don't have any high hopes, but it's too early to be 100% certain of anything. You just have to make the playoffs. If last year's garbage Detroit team can win the pennant, pretty much anyone can.

Once again our salvation is our incredibly mediocre division.

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