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So, only 2 seasons removed from their last 90+ win season, the Twins have shaken up their management and have seen to it to re-stock the talent in their minor league system and they already have an impressive collection of prospects making their way up through the minors?

Impossible! According to the way the White Sox do things, it takes 5 years or more with the same management team to see possibly some meager, incremental progress in the level of talent in team's system. Any moves to significantly infuse the farm system with talent would be too long and painful of a process and is not worth even attempting.

Surely Minnesota has been hiring a string of former Twins players from the 80s and 90s in management and coaching roles throughout their system to shepard these new players into successful MLB players, no?

Originally Posted by ChicagoG19 View Post
Great. They'll be in the playoffs being swept by the Yankees in no time.
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If they're lucky they can make it a 4 game series!
Yeah, I can hardly wait for another string of seasons where the Twins beat out the Sox for a playoff spot only to make a quick exit in the ALDS. Woohoo!! Sox Pride! 3rd place is going to look really sweet watching the Twins flop in the playoffs.

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