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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Um, obviously those of us who live close enough to Wrigley to be affected by it on gamedays are aware the park is there and are willing to make sacrifices. I don't think most residents around here have a problem with giving a little to the Cubs. Half of the charm of Wrigley Field is the vibrant, affluent surrounding neighborhood. But when the Cubs keep coming in and asking for more concessions, more night games, and more burden on their neighbors, yes, it does become a problem. They're not the only residents here. They're only a part of this neighborhood. If they want to have 81 night games a season and have 20 Jumbotrons and advertising as far as the eye can see, they're more than welcome to do that, but they won't because the Wrigleyville and surrounding neighborhoods are too important to them.

It's no different than if someone bought a house that backed up to busy 4-lane road. Obviously that person would have to live with the fact that there would be traffic noise, but if the county came in and said they were going to widen it to 8 lanes, I have a feeling some people wouldn't just roll over and take it.

This may come as a shock to some people, but not everyone wants to live in a place where the roads look like this:

It can also be looked at from the owner of the ballclub perspecitve as well. I'm sure Wrigley never expected to have to concede anything to residents who built grandstand seating on their rooftops to view his product without paying for tickets. The only difference between that and the 4-lane road analogy is that the 4-lane road doesn't have city aldermen on its side.
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