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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
Are these Sox really worse offensively than the late '60's Sox? Those were some of the worst offensive teams in the history of the franchise. But maybe they are. I have to admit that the Sox offense right now is really, really bad. Viciedo coming back will help but the Sox really have to address the problem of having Dunn and Flowers in the lineup hitting less than .200, particularly when Konerko is starting to slow down and De Aza and Keppinger are having off years offensively, so far.
Viciedo was hitting .229, and is still first on the team in K% (30+ AB), at 33.3% (Dunn is 33.1%), so he's not going to come in and save our offense, lets get real.

We need a few professional hitters on this team, and it seems that only Rios qualifies at this point, and that's when he feels like it.

What's worse is we're pretty much stuck with these guys, with Floyd out for the season +, Danks on rehab, Peavy nursing the back, Konerko's slump and Rios being our only relaible bat, who can we really deal for a good young hitter? Everyone would want Sale, and he's the guy we can least afford to deal.
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