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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
No, by traded I meant developed but then dealt away. Damn, if it is Crede/Rowand then that may mean they have had the worst farm system in baseball this decade.
Oh, your right. I misread your post. The only position players who I can think of in the last decade that the Sox developed and then traded away and ended up having any success in the majors were Chris Young, Miguel Olivo, and Michael Morse. The last two were traded in '04 for Freddy Garcia.

Morse was drafted in 2000, so that's not exactly recent (13 years ago). Olivo was acquired as a minor leaguer via trade in 2000. He hasn't exactly been an above average player in the majors, but he has at least stuck around.

That track record is pathetic. If you think about the 2005 WS team, an important part of that team were players the Sox drafted or acquired by trading players they drafted. Having a farm system that turns out little or no MLB players or valuable trading chips over this long of a period does matter.
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