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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post

What's worse is we're pretty much stuck with these guys, with Floyd out for the season +, Danks on rehab, Peavy nursing the back, Konerko's slump and Rios being our only relaible bat, who can we really deal for a good young hitter? Everyone would want Sale, and he's the guy we can least afford to deal.
We aren't going to get a ML ready young hitter. We are going to get prospects. And I'd prefer younger ones, as when we get AAA players for our players, we usually get he counterfeit types, on their way down.
But Peavy and Rios should yield a couple of quality prospects. Especially Peavy - he'd be a hell of a playoff starter for some team. Don't sell him cheap, by any means. And any of the 3 veteran relievers - Crain, Linstrom, Thornton (who has been effective for years) will bring something back, especially if we hold out and really bargain and negotiate. No giveaways to "friendly" teams anymore.

The emergence of Santiago as a legitimate ML starter, pitching top 1/2 of the rotation quality, really helps our pitching depth.
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