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This and That:

Tribune reports Robin had a team meeting after the game upset with the poor play.

Another game, another night of pure unadulterated garbage.

Offense is putrid, defense is atrocious.

8th loss this year when allowing three runs or less...
8th loss in the last 12 games...

Tribune also has a story tonight when Dunn says that despite the Sox awful play they are "only" five or six games out of first and that things have to get better.

You'd think so just statistically however Dunn's 2011 campaign shows that's not always the case.

Besides to get back into things the Sox would have to get on a streak where they win like 10 of 11...with this brain-dead bunch that's not going to happen.

Maybe they'll do us all a favor and tank by June 1st so it won't be an issue anymore.

Hard to say that but this team disgusts me.

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