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On the way to the game tonight I heard Ventura's pregame interview session. Someone asked him if any extra work is being done to address the defensive problems. He basically danced around answering the question, which led me to believe not a lot is being done. Then three errors and a passed ball take place in the first five innings. That does not include a Ramirez throw into the dirt that Dunn picked and a throw from the outfield that got away.

The players are ultimately responsible for their performance, but this team has gotten away from Ventura. It's the dumbest, dopiest Sox team I've seen. It's like watching Bozo's Circus everyday.

Dunn needs a day or two off immediately. He was booed loudly tonight, especially after his final at-bat. There's no need to let him get destroyed by the boo-birds Sunday night. Ventura needs to do the Donkey a favor and give him a mental break.

It's ridiculous that Ventura continues to bat Dunn cleanup. Drop him in the order. If he recaptures his home run mojo, then put him back in the cleanup spot. For now, though, he needs to be dropped.
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