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Went to the game and it was another discouraging loss. I couldn't help but notice that half of the crowd got up and left after the 8th inning. The White Sox were only down by one run with one inning to go and still a ton of people left the game. This is starting to remind me of the 2007 season. Whenever the team was losing in 2007 most people left after the 7th inning. Needless to say, people obviously don't think this team is good enough to come back late in a game. Virtually every playoff team gets there with good pitching. This team can pitch but it simply can't hit. I hope Hahn does something about this, sooner rather than later. For all you old time White Sox fans that are reading this: Can you just about imagine what Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall would be saying about Adam Done if they were announcing for the White Sox now?
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