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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Until Dunn is out of the lineup this manager and organization are actively and knowingly not starting the best lineup they can. Simple as that.

I wish one of the players A) had a personality and B) the mindset to call a players only meeting. The only guy I could see doing that is Peavy and even that's a long shot.

I think its time for some new ownership. I know its been discussed at length around here already but this is freaking Chicago, one of the biggest and best markets in the country and this is what we are running out there every night? It's beyond embarrassing. The fans deserve better and the city deserves better.

A Chicago sports team should NOT feel like a small time operation. But who would want to come play for the White Sox at this point? Its a black hole...there are very supportive and loyal fans but they are also smart enough to recognize when nobody gives a damn.

JR did show some solid support for this team when he opened up his checkbook before the 2010 season and I know our payroll is one of the higher ones in the league. BUT. There comes a point when enough is enough. I have no idea if this ownership group feels like they have given enough and are okay with the results or if they take a horrible start like this as hard as the rest of us do. But if its the former then why don't they sell to people who will actively try to help this organization become what a Chicago sports franchise should be. And if its the latter then the public perception might be better if they expressed some kind of willingness to make necessary changes to improve the team.
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