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Watched this game in person and it was just a death march after we coughed up the go ahead run. Down only 1 run, there was no energy in the ballpark for the remainder of the game despite 28k in the house on a frigid night. It seemed like we were down 8 runs. Can't get excited when there is nothing to cheer about. The Sox are just so unexciting to watch right now. Hard to fathom so many slumping guys can be in one lineup. The comedy of defensive errors is embarassing.

Dunn was extra pitiful tonight. Not sure what Sox management must be thinking behind the scenes with each K and mounting boos from the crowd. Keppinger has been almost as pathetic minus the Ks. Zero walks, 6 RBI, .185 ish avg and zero HRs for our offseason free agent signing.

Also, you have to admire the bad luck this team has going to compliment the ineptitude.Gillespie was a late scratch tonight with a respiratory infection. He is one of two hitters on the Sox batting close to .300 that gives quality at bats and of course he is sick.

One positive besides the pitching is that Tank looked good again tonight. Couple of hits, another walk, and he is working counts deeper. This team desperately needs him to take the next step.
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