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Default The Scab

I call Ron Santo the Scab because in 1972 MLB players went out on strike at the beginning of the season. You younger people might find this hard to believe but the players back then weren't paid much. The players went out on strike over insurance benefits for their families. The strike lasted 2 weeks before it was settled. A handful of players crossed the picket line and became Scabs. One of them was the Pizza Man, Ron Santo. He claimed he was satisfied with what he had and he felt he owed it to Mr. Wrigley to cross the picket line. Anybody who crosses the picket line when his union goes out on strike is known as a Scab. So that's why I call Santo, THE SCAB. The Scab was unfortunately voted into the Baseball HOF after he died. His fellow players made sure he didn't live to see his induction into the HOF. They never voted him into the HOF when he was living simply because unlike the Chicago media, they didn't forget the fact that Santo crossed the picket line in1972 and was a SCAB.
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