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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Tribune also has a story tonight when Dunn says that despite the Sox awful play they are "only" five or six games out of first and that things have to get better.

Obviously Dunn's math skills are as bad as his hitting. The White Sox are 6 games behind the Tigers. If The Sox won 6 straight and the Tigers lost 6th straight they would be tied. But the White Sox would most likely not be tied for first. There are 3 other teams in front of them. So If the Indians or Royals won 6 straight at the same time, the Sox would still be 5 out. With divisional play, this problem becomes more pronounced.
With 4 teams in front of them, all 4-6 games ahead in the loss column, the White Sox are more closer to 10-12 games out of first than 6.
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