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Since last September 19th the Sox are now 18-31 in their last 49 games.

Obviously last year's collapse is still going on.

Honestly as much as I'd like to see Hahn do something, anything to shake things up, turn things around I don't know what he can do.

There's no help in the minor leagues, still a bunch of guys are injured and it's to early to trade even if another team wanted some of the Sox stiffs.

There's also a chance as Noneck believes that even if Hahn could do something he might not be allowed to (which supposedly why he didn't do much of anything this off season...)

It's yet another 'caught between a rock and a hard place' situation the Sox find themselves in, with no clear way out and no clear plan.

And to those wondering about why Konerko isn't playing first base, I thought I saw where he continues to have some back issues.

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