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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
Maybe Dayan can show Adam Dunn how to hold a bat.

A sad, tepid affair tonight. Read all about it in tonight's Totally Biased Game Recap.

I love it! The two redeeming qualities of last night's debacle were definitely the good company and the snarky comments and humor we all shared regarding the lousy play on the field.

For what it's worth, the concession stand rand out of souvenir mugs for the hot chocolate AFTER I was told I could buy said mug at the "Winnin' Ugly is Sweet" concession stand. Before standing in the long line, I approached the counter and asked if I could buy the mug of hot chocolate at that stand. "Yes," I was told, in a very lackadaisical manner by the employee. After I stood in line for 20 minutes, I finally got to the counter, asked for the souvenir mug and was not-so-politely told, "We ran out. He went downstairs to get more. It'll be at least a 20 minute wait. Would you like anything else?" Do I want anything else?! It was 47 degrees last night. Yeah, serve me up some ice cream.

I stormed back to my seat and let off some steam about the lack of hot chocolate, then saw a vendor walking around with some two sections over. I stalked after him and, 45 minutes after initially leaving my seat for that warm drink, finally had some hot chocolate in my hands. It took WAY too much effort for me to get something as simple as a souvenir mug of hot chocolate, especially for someone who doesn't spend money at the concession stands every time I go to a game.
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