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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I have a hard time seeing Beckham as anything but below average, even in this era of reduced offense as compared to years past.

Last season Beckham ranked just off the bottom of MLB 2B in most measures.

For those with 300+ PA, he ranked 26th of 39 in OPS. Tied for 30th of 39 in WAR (at .3, with Stephen Lambardozzi of the Nats and Brandon Inge).

I hope this is the last season that Gordon Beckham is a full-time starter with the Sox.
Beckham's 2012 slash line: .234/.312/.381
2012 AL Average 2B slash line: .250/.311/.374

Maybe he does come in a little under the average among full-time players since I suspect a lot of 2B end up getting platooned to hide their relative offensive weaknesses, but essentially you will get the average 2B over the course of 162 games out of Gordon Beckham. 2B is just not a premier offensive position. I, too, hope the Sox are soon able to move on from Beckham, but I think the laundry list of problems with this team precludes that. No sense in making another hole... for now.
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