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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
I used 300 PA and I think that's reasonable, as it takes into account what Doub is so worried about. Last season there were about 40 guys in MLB at 2B with that many PA. Beckham was better than about a third of them.

I think the Sox can do better than having an all-field, no-hit guy at 2B.
300 PA is nothing, though, that's not even 1/2 a season for an everyday player, even if you're getting high quality production from a guy for 300 PA you still have to find someone to eat the other 300 PA, and that's probably going to be a journeyman, AAAA type utility infielder. And I'm guessing that when added up, the 300 PA of above average starter level play and 300 PA of AAAA player production will essentially just shoot out what Gordon Beckham does. AKA... League average.
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