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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Shingo: wait all winter for the games to start and what they mean to you (memories of teams / games past, summer days and nights etc...) and then this happens.

Just makes the summer seem, not worthless but far less that it could be or should be.


JB: De Aza also decided to make a throw to 3rd base for some bizarre reason which allowed Morneau to move into second base where he scored easily on a hit. That's not a physical error but a really, really stupid mental one...something the Sox have been guilty of for a long, long time. Just baseball dumb players the past few years. And naturally nothing is done about it...guys aren't waived, guys aren't benched, guys aren't fined...nothing is done.

De Aza has been on of the more maddening Sox players this year. He has picked it up offensively lately but his outfield play both in LF and CF have been terrible. Missing cutoff men, misplaying the angles on balls off the wall, etc. Some of his ABs this year have been downright atrocious almost as if he is mailing it in by lunging at a pitch above his head or in the dirt. Alejandro has 45Ks already this year (he had 109 all of last season) and because of the high K rate, his OBP has dropped over 60 points. This is not acceptable for a leadoff man. Like many of the Sox slumps, it is hard to put a finger on what has changed. Is there a book on De Aza now from an advanced scouting standpoint and he hasn't adjusted? Has he lost his edge a bit because he finally got his arbitration raise? Maybe we just got a career year out of him last year and this is who he really is. I hope that is not the case because CF and leadoff man is a tough spot to fill but you simply cannot have your leadoff man strikeout at an Adam Dunn clip while having an OBP under .300.
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