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Every now and then you have to get lucky in baseball. Everybody thought Vernon Wells was through . The Yankees took a chance on him and he has done well with the Yankees this year.(The Angels are paying most of the contract) Hopefully we can make a move or too and hopefully come out of it in a positive way. I dearly hope the first move is to bench Adam Done. Maybe he will take the hint and retire. By him hanging up his spikes we will be rid of him plus we will not be responsible for the rest of is salary. Maybe the White Sox can work out some deal with him to pay him a percentage of his contract and he can just leave. Either way I hope Done will no longer be on this team. I don't care who they replace him with, just let him go. He is the worse all around player the White Sox have had in my lifetime. And he is the worse clean up hitter in modern ( post World War 2) baseball history.
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