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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Danks and Phegley have been hitting well at AAA. Dan Black, Marcus Seiman and Andy Wilkins are all hitting well at AA. Heck, Danks has hit around .320 with .420 OBP at AAA since the beginning of last year. Thompson may only be hitting .220 something but he's walking at a rate good enough to still put up .354 OPB, a couple good weeks and his numbers could look pretty solid.

I don't see the point of keeping guys like Wise and Dunn around, might as well let someone like Danks play. Dan Black may not be much of a prospect, but he's putting up a .444 OBP after a strong year at high A last year. Why not see if someone like him can break through, it's not like mediocre prospects never became decent major leaguers before.
Good to hear we have at least a few guys doing well in the minors. I totally agree that Danks should be getting his chance to play now. It can't hurt anything. I don't understand why guys like Wise and Wells, even Tyler Greene need to part of this right now. Play some younger prospects, let the journeymen hook on somewhere else and begin the process of rebuilding.
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