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Default Keppinger (Fangraphs article: still no walks)

•On the plus side, there is NO way he is this bad. He's bound to bring up the average with more ABs. Unlike Dunn, he doesn't strike out 30% of the time at the plate. I'm not sure where he'll play when Beckham comes back, though. Gillaspie is still hitting pretty well and playing alright D, so unless you're going to bench Konerko and Dunn and start Keppinger at 1st (not going to happen), he may be in a super-utility role for a while.

•On the negative side, he has the lowest WAR in the league. WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is certainly a flawed statistic, but it does give you a decent general idea of how a player impacts a game at the plate and in the field.

•Keppinger has had eight ABs all season that had a 3-ball count. Eight.

•The second-lowest WAR in the league belongs really don't need to guess. It's obvious.

•The Miami Marlins have passed the White Sox in OBP, leaving the Sox with the worst OBP in major league baseball: .281
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