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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
First of all, replays did not show that Flowers tagged Morneau. Perhaps he did. Maybe he didn't. It was a joke that Flowers allowed the play to be in dispute. Rios' throw had Morneau nailed...until Flowers looked like he missed him initially and then looked at the umpire to make the call while Morneau was busy touching the plate. Any catcher with a clue would have secured the ball in his glove with his other hand and dove at Morneau to tag him. It's basic baseball.

For whatever it's worth, Hawk and Stone did not think Flowers tagged Morneau and complimented the umpire for being in a great position to see everything. In any case, Rios' perfect throw was there in plenty of time...until Flowers failed in Catching Fundamentals 101. Even Stone, a former pitcher, knew a catcher should dive at the runner in that situation.

Second of all, Dunn's error was a season lowlight. It's pathetic that a Major League player does not take the field with a glove that works.

So, yes, a new low.
So 2 paragraphs ripping Flowers for a blown call by the ump because he didn't tag him hard enough? There isn't much you can do when the umpire is staring at the tag but calls a guy safe anyways.

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