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I actually like Adam Dunn. I met him once and he really seems like a nice guy. He's friendly and personable. Virtually every one of his teammates will never say a bad thing about him. He is definitely a people person. The problem is he is absolutely terrible as a major league baseball player. He has no business being on a major league roster and he has less business starting over Paul Konerko. Once Dunn is done with the White Sox, I actually wish him the best of luck. I just hope he's gone sooner rather than later. Liking someone has really nothing to do with anything when it comes to playing baseball in the majors. Two of the best hitters the White Sox have had in my lifetime were Dick Allen and Albert Belle. I met both of them and believe me they were both difficult to like. I would rather have those two on the White Sox rather than a nice guy like Dunn who is hitting .137. Performance is what counts in the major leagues. If you doubt what I say, it was announced today that the Phillies signed Carlos Zambrano to a contract. You will probably meet a small group of Zambranos teammates who actually liked him. I was told that when he was with the Cubs, most oh his teammates totally stayed away him from on their road trips. They thought he was nuts. Still the Cubs kept him around for years because he performed quite well for the Cubs. If he pitches well for the Phillies they will keep him for as long as he gets people out. Dunn hasn't played well for 3 years now for the White Sox. Now that he is hitting a robust .137 his days playing for the White Sox should be over.

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