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Default Silver Linings

No dark clouds allowed...

Danks and Beckham will return soon.

Danks will provide needed depth and innings in the rotation. This allows significant flexibility (6-man rotation, skipping starts, future double headers, long relief help, etc.).

Beckham will improve the infield defense, which will help the pitchers. Robin will be able to use Keppinger more as a super-sub and pinch hitter, strengthening the bench.

The pitching has been superb.

The weather is improving and yesterday's warning track flies with RISP will become tomorrow's three-run homers. This is how the Sox offense has been since 2000, and especially since the Cell was renovated.

Maybe Dunn going back to his Nationals-era swing will see a return to Nationals-era production? I'll take a .250 average and and .850 OPS from this point forward.

Rios has avoided his typical "odd year slump." He's the best #3 hitter we've had since Jermaine Dye.

Things have gone as bad as possible with the hitting. It is fair to expect they will "progress to the mean."

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