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Hitting is contagious. Let's hope it spreads and multiplies. Dunn waking up will make PK better, and PK didn't get too old overnight... he'll hit at some point at least for a while. When things are going badly it is easy to believe that it will stay that way. Just like good streaks come to an end, so do bad streaks. When almost an entire team is sputtering at the plate you are going to lose games. If one or two guys start hitting we will win games because we're not giving up that many runs.

I think our defense will improve with Beckham's return and he is clearly more valued by some people already. Also, the defense has been as bad as it can be, I reckon, so the only way is up.

Jones should find his control, shouldn't he? That will be like adding another arm in the pen. Ohmygosho might also gain some needed confidence after a 1-2-3 inning. Starting pitching??... well, just keep it going boys.

The manager taking real, tangible action seems to have helped, at least in the short term.
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