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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
It could be a lot worse. But unfortunately they are 5 games back but also in 5th place. So ideally the White Sox are 10-12 games out of first place. So far, the good thing is the AL West is awful so maybe the wildcard will be a possiblity for the central which gives the Sox 2 chances if they turn it around.
This early in the season, standings plays is less relevant than games behind. The number of teams you have to jump over becomes more relevant as the remaining games become fewer. This year, the Sox are pretty much where they were last year, but they have four teams in front of them instead of two.

After 38 games last year, actually precisely a year ago, the White Sox were 17-21, 4.5 games out of first after losing to Jerome Williams oddly enough. They were in third place, but from that point, they had better records than every other team in the division except for the Tigers. The Sox trailed them by 1.5 games on May 16, and were 3 games behind them at the end of the season. If every other AL Central team were tied for first 4.5 games ahead of the White Sox and the remainder of the season played out, the Sox still would have finished in 2nd place 3 games behind the Tigers.
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