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I don't live in Chicago

No matter what anyone does the White Sox will never be the Red Sox or the Cubs. It is a socio-economic non-starter. Not that many corporate people are going to go to U.S. Cellular in south Chicago. I don't care if they do myself. If winning was everything to me I'd be a Yankees fan. If full stadia was a driving factor I'd be a Red Sox fan. I'm a White Sox fan. I just think it is a lot harder to put a very good, consistently performing major league baseball team together than those of us who don't do it professionally think.

Fantasy baseball does make it appear easier perhaps.

I like the kind of people that play for the White Sox. I like the loyalty and family atmosphere that Reinsdorf appears to value in his company. I wouldn't know because I don't know the man but he seems to be liked by players like PK, and that tells me something. Sure, I'd like to win the division more often and always make the playoffs but we don't and I don't think it is necessarily anyone's fault.... it is just very hard to do given the circumstances.
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