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Originally Posted by Winningugly23 View Post
Did anyone notice if they were selling the red jackets from last year at the garage sale would love to grab one of these...
They had all of the red gear at Soxfest this year. Didn't see too much at the garage sale.

As far as bobble heads- this was a a major score.

They had the Crede SoxFest exclusive for $20. Which is a STEAL.. They also had a Thigpen (Fantasy Camp) from years ago, for $10. I didn't get it, but my friend did, and that is a rare one too. Mark Salas (Fantasy Camp) was there too for $5. They also had old Konerkos for $30, Thome $30, Minoso $30, Peavy $15, Ventura $20, Ozzie $20, Konerko/Dye Statues $15, Swisher $20 and Mark B $15 . I also saw a Fisk and one kid had a Hawk and DJ. Lotta bobble heads.

We didn't get in there first, so we did miss a few. They had the Stanley Cup giveaway too for $30. In the mystery bags (which the young lady let me look in them) they had Alexi, Pierre and the ever present Bossard. Thomas statues too. I got a few and gave them out to family, but the one with Bossard had a mini-Southpaw which was only given out to Kids Club members. The Bossard was smashed (and glued back together), but 2 bobbles for $10 isn't too bad.

I was impressed on that part of the sale. I am not a big collector of other stuff, but the prices seemed rather reasonable. I picked up a nice backpack for $5. Winter hat was $3. Books are always pretty cheap and my dad loves that stuff.

From my experience- the garage sale is better than the clubhouse sale. No idea why. Maybe the space. The sale at Soxfest was like the garage sale too. $10 fitted caps, can't beat that. Looking forward to Soxfest '14.
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